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Foundation Repair in St. Charles & St. Louis

It’s about the pride that you feel when you welcome your friends and family over for holidays, birthdays, or just to watch the game. The security that you feel when you safely store family memories in your basement or attic, knowing that they won’t be damaged by the elements. The joy that you get from using every room in your home the way you had always dreamed that you would.

What we do is more than just having a dry, mold-free basement to store your belongings in. Nor is it simply for that additional living space you want to utilize. What some homeowners don’t realize until it’s too late, is that foundation issues can lead to many other problems and damage throughout your home.

Regardless of how well your basement and foundation have been waterproofed, enough time and groundwater around your home will eventually begin to eat away at your walls. Many older homes used waterproofing methods that are now outdated and ineffective, making updates a necessity to maintaining the structural integrity of the home.

Settling and shifting can cause structural damage, excessive dampness or water in your basement, mold, cracks in your walls, windows and doors that no longer operate properly or stick, bowing or leaning walls, and much more. These problems will not fix themselves, and will continue to be a real problem for years to come.

The hiring of your foundation repair company is the first and most important step to making your house feel more like a home again. Acculift understands that your home is one of your most valuable investments, and we are committed to protecting that investment.