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Causes of Foundation Damage

There are many different factors that can contribute to foundation damage. Acculift Foundation Repair in St. Louis can prevent foundation damage and improve the value of your home. The information below includes common causes of foundation damage. If you think any of these situations are occurring around your home or have any questions, contact us today.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure occurs in areas where ground water is more likely to accumulate in the soil and raise the water table. A higher water table creates hydrostatic pressure buildup in foundations. Hydrostatic pressure buildup forces water in through cracks and can cause major structural damage to foundations resulting in mold, decay, and other moisture related problems in your basement.

Shrinking and Swelling of Clay

Clay shrinks and swells when the moisture content changes. When expansive clay is placed against basement walls, the swelling can create lateral pressures. Shrinking and swelling can also reduce the shear strength of the backfill, which increases the pressure.

Improper Back Filling

Clay backfills require stronger basement walls to withstand the horizontal pressures. Major foundation damage can occur if this process is not done properly, Acculift Foundation Repair ensures proper back filling when working on the foundation of your home. 


Wind, water, ice, and other elements can break down foundations. These natural causes can remove solids in the soil below the building, which damages the foundation. Proper maintenance and repair from Acculift Foundation Repair can prevent natural elements from deteriorating the foundation of your home.

Frost Heave

Water that accumulates in backfill can freeze and create large lateral pressure. This pressure is much greater than hydrostatic pressure. Special maintenance and support structures can prevent frost heaves from damaging your foundation.

Poor Ground Preparation

Improperly graded building sites can lead to foundation problems. Grading should always divert water away from the building to prevent water from seeping under the foundation. Special maintenance and support structures can fix problems associated with poor ground preparation.


Dry and hot conditions can cause soil to pull away from the foundation, creating cracks throughout the building. Although this is a natural process, serious damage can be avoided with proper maintenance. Wetting down the foundation around your home can actually prevent the soil from pulling away.

Soil Compression

When stress is applied to the soil, the particles pack together more tightly. This reduces the overall volume of the soil and can lead to a sinking foundation. Special maintenance and support structures can fix problems associated with soil compression.

Plumbing Leaks

Water from broken, frozen, or leaky pipes can cause erosion. This will eventually result in foundation problems and other serious structural problems. The experts at Acculift Foundation Repair will fix any issues with your foundation.

Poor Soil Conditions

Poor soil, debris, organic components, and other soil related issues can cause consolidation and settling. This leads to foundation problems and eventually foundation failure. Special maintenance and support structures can fix problems associated with poor soil conditions.

Damaged or Missing Gutters

Damaged gutters, or not having gutters at all, will cause foundation damage. Without a proper gutter system, water goes straight down from the roof into the foundation walls. The pounding and accumulation of water can cause hydrostatic pressure and condensation inside the structure.