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Foundations crack over time because concrete expands, contracts, and settles. If you have a mold problem, dampness or water in your basement, notice that doors and windows don’t open or close properly, or see new or growing cracks in your walls and floors, chances are you have a foundation problem.

Ignoring the issues and hoping they will go away on their own is never an option when it comes to your home, which is typically your most valuable possession. Catching the damage early enough can save you time and money. Unfortunately, most families don’t see foundation issues as a problem until the day their basement leaks or their foundation walls start to lean, bow, or crack. In addition, you may have damaged or will potentially cause damage to your other personal property. When or before this occurs, seek the professional help of Acculift Foundation Repair in St. Louis.

Acculift Foundation Repair has been protecting and restoring homes and buildings in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area for over 25 years. Our team of outstanding professionals has been working together for years and bring the experience and high quality service you expect from a leader in St. Louis foundation repair. Acculift Foundation Repair has an outstanding reputation with the Better Business Bureau and was recently named Best of O’Fallon, 2009 in the category of Foundation Contractors.

In addition, you won’t find a more considerate team to invite into your home. Our sole purpose is to help you understand the problems with your foundation and offer a foundation solution that is perfect for you. We will fix your foundation problem swiftly, efficiently, professionally, and clean up once the job is completed.

Our products are manufactured with the highest standard of quality and safety, and are also mill certified and load tested. Every job has a supervisor on site to assure the work is done without damage to your home, that the employees are following all safety measures, and to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. Should you need it, Acculift Foundation Repair can also provide engineering referrals for your home or building.

Acculift Foundation Repair products and work are backed by a Lifetime Transferrable Warranty. You can rest assured that you or any future owners of the property are protected. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today.